SlimWare Utilties SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner comes with no restrictions on how many PCs you use it on and had great tuneup results in testing.

How it differs is in aggregating the collective data of many, many SlimWare customers, so it has a much better idea of what to delete, what to keep, and how to optimize a Windows PC for the best performance

On top of those socially powered improvements, SlimCleaner also includes a duplicate file finder, a disk defrag, a disk analyzer so you get a visual idea of a hard drive's contents, and a wiper that cleans over the data you thought you deleted (but didn't really, due to the way hard drives work.) It even works with solid-state drives. 
And it's portable: you can run SlimCleaner from  a USB drive and take it from PC to PC without having to re-install it each time.

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