DivX Plus Codec Pack

The DivX Plus® Codec Pack includes everything you need to play DivX® or MKV files in third-party applications, like Windows Media Player. And if you're looking to stream your MKV videos from your Windows 7 computer to your PlayStation® 3 or Xbox 360, the DivX Plus Codec Pack can handle that too. 

 We've also added DXVA hardware acceleration so you can smoothly play high definition videos on any computer that has a DXVA capable graphics card – which means no more blocky videos or dropped frames.

Supported formats
Installing the DivX Plus Codec Pack will enable the following format support capabilities in other media players.
Video Codec Audio Codec Container Format
DivX Plus lets you
Play DivX MPEG-4 ASP MP3, AC3* .divx, .avi
Play AVI MPEG-4 ASP MP3, AC3* .avi
Play MKV H.264, MPEG-4 ASP AAC, Vorbis, DTS*, AC3* .mkv
Play Xvid MPEG-4 ASP MP3, AC3* .divx, .avi